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Batch Chemical Plant in NC

  • CMMS Implementation and functionality Improvements

  • Implemented Maintenance Processes

  • Trained Planner schedulers and Maintenance Management

  • Wrote and implemented performance fee maintenance contract

  • Wrote ISO 9000 maintenance procedures

  • Co-authored PSM mechanical integrity procedures

  • Reduced maintenance costs by over $2 mm in a 2 year period

  • Introduced the engineering function as a contributing stakeholder to the maintenance organization


Advanced Manufacturing Plant in North Texas

  • Maintenance Work Process Evaluation

  • Maintenance Labor Productivity Assessment

  • Maintenance Improvement Plan

  • Planner Scheduler Training

  • Coached leadership in plan to reduce reliance on contract maintenance forces


Discrete Manufacturing Plant in South Carolina

  • Facilitated maintenance strategy building event for packaging facility

  • Provided work process training and work flows for the plant


Mining Operations in the upper Mid-west, Eastern, and Southern U.S and Eastern Canada

  • Maintenance work Process implementation

  • Trained over 140 planners, schedulers, supervisors in classroom and field


Chemical Company in South Carolina

  • Provided asset consulting, assessment, and inspections for acquisition of chemical facility

  • Engineered and implemented construction up-fit and start-up of facility

       Engineered and planned relocation of plant equipment, laboratory, and 

       employee resources


"Kin Cook is an extremely experienced professional in the maintenance and reliability field. I was able to work with Kin during a maintenance evaluation he performed at our plant. Kin is a very reliable source of information and was willing to share his knowledge with our planners as well as craft. It was a pleasure working with him."

- Dan Alley, Maintenance Operations Superintendent,  Sealed Air



"Evergreen Management Processes is our go-to partner for Maintenance & Reliability Consulting Solutions. They are led by Kin Cook, a pioneer in helping companies achieve their operating goals. For example, his maintenance planner and scheduler training is unique to our industry blending the Fundamentals of Maintenance with practical application in EAM. I recommend Kin and his team for the more difficult maintenance & reliability challenges your company is facing."

- James Rogers, Vice President, Advoco Inc.



"I have worked with Kin Cook both as a client and as a colleague over the years on multiple industrial maintenance and reliability work process improvement ventures. I have found him to be personable, honest, and equipped with a broad range of applicable skills. His leadership qualities are excellent and I highly recommend Kin for any asset improvement effort."

- Peter Chalich, Director of Equipment Reliability (Retired 2013), Cliffs Natural Resource, Inc.


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