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We are Evergreen Management Processes.

We Provide Cost Effective Maintenance and Reliability Improvements for your Plant and Facility.

We take a look at the work with you!

One of our goals is to help you become proactive in maintenance. We want you to find the problems before the probems find you

We provide advice which  facilitates your maintenance department's contribution to the company's bottom line.


We will help you do the right thing and implement your maintenance and reliability best practices.


We will work ourselves out of a job and leave you with a high quality and manageable deliverable. 


We believe that

the Fundamentals of Maintenance are the Foundation to Reliability.

These Fundamentals include:


Work Identification // Planning // Scheduling 

// Work Execution // Work Closure

// Reporting and Measurement

We Provide

evaluation, training, and program implementation in these fundamental work processes and your maintenance

strategies and tactics:


People and Culture // Budgeting

// Periodic Maintenance: PM, PdM, Instrument Calibration, NDT //

 Store Room // Pre-kitting and Staging Processes // CMMS Consulting and Implementaion // Productivity Measurement and Improvement // Staffing // Contract Support


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